460 with 5 speed

The Ford 7. The cubic-inch V8 and an enlarged version displacing cubic inches were first used in Thunderbirds and Lincolns. At first, the was exclusively a Lincoln engine, but when the was discontinued in the early s, the took its place in Thunderbirds, Ford and Mercury cars, and F-Series pickup trucks. When Ford's full-sized cars were downsized inthere was no longer a need for the V8, but it continued as an option in the F-Series trucks and E-Series vans into the s.

The Ford cubic-inch, V8 engine has a cylinder bore of 4. The output for engines built before is horsepower at 4, rpm and pound-feet of torque at 2, rpm. The compression ratio is The output for the starting in is horsepower at 4, rpm and pound-feet of torque at 2, rpm.

The compression ratio was lowered to 8. After the mids, carburetors were replaced with electronic fuel injection with an output of horsepower and pound-feet of torque. A cubic-inch engine block is 34 inches long, 32 inches wide and 30 inches high. The dry weight without gas and oil is approximately pounds. Ford main bearing caps need to be tightened to foot-pounds, while connecting rod bolts are tightened to 45 foot-pounds.

Rocker arms are tightened to 20 foot-pounds, while the oil pump retaining bolt gets torqued to 25 foot-pounds. The cylinder head bolts need to be tightened to foot-pounds and the intake manifold bolts get tightened to 30 foot-pounds.

The engine family can be identified by counting the number of bolts that hold down each valve cover. If you count seven bolts, then you have a or V8. All other Ford V8 engines have a different valve-cover bolt count. To differentiate a from acheck the orientation of the thermostat housing on the front of the engine block. If it is pointing upward, it is a Ford 7.

Torque Specifications Ford main bearing caps need to be tightened to foot-pounds, while connecting rod bolts are tightened to 45 foot-pounds. Identification The engine family can be identified by counting the number of bolts that hold down each valve cover.View Cart Checkout. ByFord settled on the 3. The three speed was budget minded and were not great in their day. Fast forward today, these same transmissions are worn out are in the need of replacement. The answer is a Tremec T5 five speed with an overdrive.

This allows the Mustang to travel comfortably at highway speed at mid 2, rpm range. Installing a T5 in to a classic Mustang behind is easy. Using most of the three speed like bell-housing, clutch linkage, all that is needed is a new conversion clutch, adapter plate, T5, cross-member and a few other supporting parts.

MDL has the T-5 adapter plate that to to make this conversion easy. OK, your classic Mustang is equipped with an automatic. MDL has a compete conversion package to make this easy. Our T5 conversion kit includes hard to find items like new inline six cylinder flywheel, conversion clutch, reproduction easy to install clutch pedal to the correct slip yoke for ready to bolt in driveshaft and everything in between.

Mid year Mustang were equipped with six bolt blocks that carried through and 5. Another option to installing a T-5 behind a six bolt block is the fox body T-5 bellhousing.

Cable clutch release — Since T-5 bell-housing is design for cable release, the matching fork is required. It is important to know the 3,4 speed mechanical release clutch can no longer be used as it will be too tall.

The pressure plate lever height is lower and the release is faster. To use the stock clutch pedall, MDL engineered a cable kit to the bolts to the Mustang pedal and come complete with firewall plate, custom double adjustable cable the is routed round exhaust system. The big brother Five speed. Perfect for those of you running a high powered small block or big block.

Tremec developed the TKO to be as much of a direct bolt replacement for the wide pattern Ford Toploader and input shaft features.It is Rustfree from Oregon. It is a fully loaded Top of the Line "Lariat" model. I know this is a little new for me, but I have been getting a lot of requests for 1 ton, crew cab, SRW 4x4's.

This is a nice one. This 1 ton 4x4 has the strongest axles Ford ever offered in a pickup. It has the straight axle Dana 60 front, with the Sterling rear axle. It has a professional 6" lift, chrome grille guard, etc. It has a class III receiver hitch, with electric brake controls. This truck runs and drives excellent. The suspension is tight, the exhaust is sound, and the brakes stop true.

This is a cool, fully loaded real 4x4. She is straight, clean, and proud. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I have had so many people waiting on the pics, that I didn't have time to give it my usual full detail, so she needs a good bath, the door jambs need the be cleaned, and the carpet needs a good vacuuming.


I plan to give it a good bath, and interior detail before she ships out. This is a no excuses hop in and drive heavy duty 4x4. You won't be disappointed. Return Home.Governor [6 Shot. Loading Block. Notes : If your revolver is not listed, the speedloader may not fit--check with the gun manufacturer.

If the cylinder dimensions are the same as a listed revolver, then they might use the same speedloader. Whether your gun is listed or notwith the cylinder fully open there must be a straight path for all rounds to load simultaneously, plus a small allowance for the thickness of the side of the speedloader.

If your revolver's grip or cylinder release is in the way of the speedloader, the grip or cylinder release may need to be replaced or modified. Make sure the round count of your cylinder matches that of the speedloader.

R [6-Shot. JLR [Shot. J [6-shot. R [7-shot. Pistoleer Official Shooting Targets pistoleerofficialshootingtargets Made in the U. The Speed Loader upper left corner of image.

What are thoughts on the 460 motor?

The Bedside Block upper right corner of image. The Cylinder Range Block lower left corner of image. The Tactical Pouch lower right corner of image. Directions for use: Fill the block with the ammo of your choice Turn post of speed loader Counter-clockwise releasing the key Place speed loader over the rounds Turn post clockwise to lock on the rim of the casing Place rounds into the firearm cylinder Turn post counter-clockwise to release rounds into your cylinder.

Use drop-down menus to select configuration--available with or without speedloaders and with or without the block or pouch.Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Four Wheel Drive. Camper And Trailer. Project Vehicles. Overland Journal. Log in Register. New posts.

460 with 5 speed

What's new New posts Latest activity. Search forums. Members Current visitors. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. What are thoughts on the motor? WKCwith5 Adventurer. Some have 80k and some K. I am sure the fuel economy is around 10mpg and know a lot of folks that have had good service out of them.

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Besides the fuel economy what would be the good and bad of a truck with The big block. They are a lot cheaper to replace for one and give a better choice of vehicles that are for sale.

460 with 5 speed

So wait for a Diesel? Teamjeff Observer. Great motor in my opinion with no real reliability issues. Awesome truck! They are strong but very thirsty. As long as you can justify the fuel bill, than go for it. If you're like me, the cost of the trip sometimes is the determining factor whether the trip happens at all.

Obviously a diesel would be the best, but they are hard to come by.The Farmall tractor is equipped with C 6-cylinder gasoline or D diesel-powered engine and sliding gear transmission with 5 forward and 1 reverse gear.

This row-crop tractor was the smallest of the six-cylinder tractors in the new line, rated for four plows. The International Harvester C engine operates with gasoline or optional LP liquefied petroleum gas. Compression ratio rating is 7. The Farmall has an optional six-cylinder, International Harvester D diesel-powered engine with 3.

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460 with 5 speed

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BBF 460 7.5 liter Ford motor and heavy duty ZF 5 speed transmission - $350 (Muncy)

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Necessary Necessary. Hi-Clear: 2, mm Gas version: 2, kg 5, lb Diesel version: 2, kg 6, lb.

460 with 5 speed

Gas version: 1 x 12 Volts Diesel version: 2 x 6 Volts.By offering all this, specialty stores prove their advantages over department stores and develop direct relationships with their customers. We can expect more of these changes but in 2017, specialty stores will reign.

Cold Start 460 Thumper Cam

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460 with 5 speed